Our investment training has been designed to enable you to develop your investment knowledge and gain a better understanding of the investment universe. We offer a comprehensive trustee training programme, through which we address key considerations and areas of interest for charity trustees.

There is no charge for participation in any of our investment training events. Spaces may be regulated if a large number of people from one scheme or organisation wish to attend. The training programme is varied and covers a variety of topics (see below). We run two training sessions each year and rotate the subject matter accordingly.

  • Introduction to the asset classes
  • Understanding valuations and performance reports
  • Basic rules for long term investors
  • Benchmarking
  • How to develop an investment policy
  • Considerations when choosing an investment manager
  • Relationship between risk and return
  • Social investment
  • What is a sustainable portfolio withdrawal rate
  • Ethical investing
  • Absolute versus relative return investing
  • ‘SRI’ / ‘ESG’
  • Total return versus income return investing
  • Legal investment perspectives, including CC14
  • Active versus passive investing
  • Accounting investment perspectives
  • Pooled versus segregated investment, including common investment funds
  • Economic/market view
  • Investing for income

We would be delighted if you were able to join us at one or more of our events. For further details, please contact us at elearning@newtonim.com, or call 020 7163 2554.