2016 was the third year in which we surveyed UK charities on their investments. A cross-section of leaders and decision makers in the UK charity sector from a total of 80 charities, with some £15 billion of investment assets, contributed to the survey.

Watch the following videos to hear Jeremy Wells, investment relationship manager and author of the survey report, providing an overview of the survey and its findings.

Investing in objectives

While what charities consider to be a sustainable withdrawal rate remains unchanged, they are withdrawing less to spend on charitable objectives than in previous years.


Decision time

Most charities believe the UK’s vote to leave the EU will have a significant impact on their investment activity, at least in the short term.


Approach with caution

Reflecting tough market conditions, charities report a significant reduction in overall total returns, and are increasingly cautious about the future.


Changing times

In the year the UK voted to leave the EU, charities have lower expectations of future returns than previously, while ESG factors and alternative investments represent growing areas of interest.